Here you will find a list of selected projects and research topics in which I have participated in recent years. Please, feel free to contact me for project details.
Ongoing projects
ContRap, 2009-2013
The open-source research project ContRap was initiated with the need to create prototypes of complex algorithms in a short timeframe based on existing efficient C/C++ libraries at FORWISS. The research goal of ContRap is to develop a simple language to control existing complex C/C++ interfaces. The project has rapidly developed into an independent and self-contained code base, which currently integrates a wide range of third-party libraries, like GiNaC, Qt, etc.
Former projects
Bust reconstruction, 2011-2013

Three-dimensional printing is a modern and strongly expanding branch. In particular, there is a large interest in creating human sculptures from custom image sets. At the end of the project, a mostly automated tool for reconstruction of human busts from a small set of four to eight images was developed. This project is the application area for my Ph.D. research.

MIDIAS, 2006-2010

Traffic safety benefits largely from precise knowledge of the scene geometry dynamics in front of a moving vehicle. In the course of the project, a novel sensor was developed, which combines the gray value information of a HDR digital camera with the range information of a prototype of a TOF MDSI 3D-camera.

Integer QE, 2001-2010

Elimination methods, in particular for the theory of the integers, are a promising tool in applied computer sciences. A prominent application example is the verification of semantics of computer programs and protocols. My implementation (context Integers) in the REDUCE package REDLOG is to my knowledge the only available open-source parametric elimination software for non-linear integer theories.